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If you still have a question or would like to speak to someone over the phone please call us on 01423 734796 or alternatively email us at sales@baxterlogs.co.uk.

How to create an account?

At the top of the page, on the right side of the Baxter logs logo, click on create an account and you will be taken to the account details page where you will be asked for a few details including your name and address. Once you have filled out the form click continue at the bottom right hand side of the page and you the have an account.

How to Write a review?

Firstly you will need to create an account - see above for how to do this. Once you have created an account, go to the product you would like to write a review for and then scroll to the bottom of the product information. Click where it says review in the middle of the page and this will take you to the review page. When you are on the review page scroll to the bottom of the reviews (the amount of scrolling required will vary depending on the number of reviews the product has) and then click on write a review on he right hand side. Write your review and click continue when you have finished.

Why Burn Logs?

Do your bit for the environment. Burning logs does produce carbon dioxide however, if a tree is planted in the place of the one used to source your logs the process becomes carbon neutral.

What is the comparable volume of a single pick up load?

This is a difficult one because it depends upon the size of the logs. Our logs are approximately 9 inches, are sold by loose volume and a single pick up load is the equivalent of two dumpy or builder's bags.

What size are the logs?

On average we process our logs to 9 inches long as we specialise in catering for log stoves or open fires. If you require a specific log size please call us and we will sort some out for you.

How long will our logs last?

This depends entirely on the desired heat and the frequency of use, however we can vouch that all our logs are fully seasoned hardwood and therefore will provide a greater heat output.

Are Baxter logs ready to be burnt?

Yes, all our logs are are seasoned for 12-18 months and have a moisture content of around 15% to 25%.


Seasoned Logs


Unseasoned Logs


Why should you burn hardwood instead of softwood?

Burning seasoned hardwood has many benefits over softwoods. Firstly Hardwood burns longer than softwood due to hardwoods having a tighter grain. Secondly seasoned hardwood doesn’t spit, so it is better suited for open fires.

What type of woods do we use?

We use a mixture of the hardwoods, such as Beech, Ash, Oak, Silver Birch and Sycamore.

Is the wood sourced from the UK?

Yes, all our wood is sourced from within the UK. Suport our economy and buy British.

Will the logs be dry?

Yes, we will not sell you logs that contain more than an average of around 25% moisture content.

How will your logs be delivered?

We deliver our logs in three quantities; a single, double or triple pick-up load. Our loads are delivered loose in the back of a pick-up or trailer. The logs can be tipped or dropped off as near to where you require them as possible.

If you would like us to also move your logs to your store or stack them we can do this for an additional charge. If you require us to move or stack your logs, please inform us when you place your order.

How long after ordering my logs will they be delivered?

We will always try to deliver your logs when you would like them to be delivered. Most deliveries will be within one to three days, we are open seven days a week. During busy periods it can take us slightly longer to deliver.

We will contact you prior to your delivery and never arrive without notice.

When should I order my next load of logs?

To be sure that you will receive your logs at a time of your convenience call us at least one week before you are likely to run out. However, we are aware that we can all leave things to the last minute so we will do our best to get your logs delivered before you run out.

How many loads of logs will I need to order?

This is dependent on the size of your stove or fire and how many logs you burn. If you call us we can give you a rough guide to what quantity of logs you are likely to need.

How should I store my firewood?

We do recommend that your store your logs in a log store whether it be one we have made for you or one you have purchased elsewhere.

If you do not have a log store an ideal place is where they will be sheltered from the weather and where there is good ventilation.

What is the moisture content of your logs?

All our hardwood logs are air dried to an average moisture content of around 15% to 25%.

What does a pick up load weigh?

Due to the nature of real wood fuels (logs and firewood) they can contain water. Log suppliers in the UK are not permitted to sell logs based on weight. Logs and firewood are usually sold by volume. All packaging volumes used by Baxter logs are based on a loose volume equivalent measures.

Beware of other sellers are offering logs by weight – you could end up paying for a lot of water!

Does the price include delivery?

Yes, the price you are quoted depending on your location includes delivered price.

Do you deliver Saturdays?

We deliver 7 days a week, Saturday being one of our busiest days.

Can I specify a delivery time?

We always do our best to deliver your logs when it is best for you, however at busy times this may not be possible. We always call you to arrange a delivery time and before we set off with your logs.

Do you deliver to my Address?

We deliver to Harrogate, Leeds and surrounding areas for more information on delivery go to our delivery page.

Do I have to be home when the delivery is made?

If you have already paid us for your logs then we are happy to deliver your logs if you are not at home.

What happens if my seasoned logs get rained on?

In the seasoning process your logs are dried from the inside out. So a little rain on the outside of your logs will make virtually no difference to the moisture content of the logs. If your logs are continually exposed or immersed in water your logs moisture content will increase over time. Seasoned logs should always be stored where they are sheltered and in a well ventilated area. A log store is ideal for this purpose.

How long does it take to air dry unseasoned logs?

On average unseasoned logs will take 6-12 months for them to be classed as seasoned logs. The key to seasoning wet logs is to season them in a sheltered and well ventilated storage facility. Wet logs will not dry out in contained and poor ventilated spaces such as garages or cellars. A logs store is the ideal place to season logs.

What happens if I burn unseasoned logs?

Unseasoned logs do not burn up to a sufficient temperature in order to burn the sap within the log due to their higher moisture content. As the sap within the log is not burned it can build up on the inside of your appliance and chimney as a tar condensate.

How often should I have my chimney swept?

Chimney sweepers recommend that those with wood burning or solid fuel stoves should have their chimneys swept once a year to extend the life of your chimney liner.

In Yorkshire we recommend Pete the Sweep.

Do you deliver all year?

Yes, we are open all year round.

What are your opening times?

Please see home page for current opening times

What if I am outside your delivery area?

We do currently deliver to several places outside our delivery radius please see out delivery page for more information, alternatively call us. You may have to wait longer for your delivery and we do charge extra.

Can I collect my logs instead of having them delivered?

Yes, we are open 7 days a week 9am-6pm. Logs are available to collect in various quantities from out storage facility during our opening times.