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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 15 September, 2015.

    The Chimney Cleaning Log

    Price:  £13.99

    The Chimney Cleaning Log

    £50 Minimum order on deliveries

    When your burning wood in your stove or open fire carbon and Tar deposits occur in the Chimney as a by product of fire. This is a danger that you cannot openly perceive, yet is real and growing. The main source of these deposits are the wood you burn. In consuming itself, wood releases tar, dirt, and ash.

    The Cleaning Log has a composition that creates a "catalytic" action (it is non-corrosive.) During the Cleaning Log burning process, active elements diffuse and deposit themselves in a homogenous manner on the inside of your chimney. These elements dry out, and soften residual tar. The tar will then breakaway from the chimney's walls and fall in the fireplace.

    The Cleaning Log is easy to use - no special knowledge or skills are required, and no real effort need be extended. Simply follow the directions for use to achieve a complete cleaning of the inside surface of your chimney. The Cleaning Log is packaged in an easy-to-light paper.

    A Chimney cleaning log is recommended for use every 60 fires in order to help prevent chimney fires. It is not however a substitute to having your chimney professionally swept.


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