2nd Generation Family-Owned Business

Baxter logs supply seasoned ready to burn hardwood logs/firewood to Harrogate, Leeds and surrounding areas.

Baxter Logs is a family run business which has been established for 30 years.


My late father Christopher started the log business back in 1990 chopping wood by hand with an axe (convincing my late Mother Arlene and Grandad Lewis to help) on evenings and weekends delivering wood in small animal feed type bags. As the business grew Arlene became the receptionist arranging Chris's log deliveries (and Chris).  


After a few years Chris and Arlene invested in a Thor log Spliter and retired the axe's to keep up with the growing demand for wood.  Arlene and Chris had two sons, Jake and Adam during this time. Jake and  Adam accompanied Chris on his log deliveries from an early age.


The demand for logs started out-growing the Thor log spliter and Chris convinced Arlene he needed a saw bench wood processor that attaches to a tractor to keep up with the growing demand for seasoned logs. Chris then Bought his first wood processor bench a hakki pilke. Chris and Arlene started selling logs in cubic metre loose loads that were delivered in a pick up truck and hand thrown into customers requested location.

Jake decided to be a part of the family business so Chris introduced Jake to the log processor and began training him to Process wood on the machine. Once Jake passed his driving test he was given Chris's old pick up truck and began delivering the logs alongside becoming the main wood processor operator. 

Similar to Chris in the early years , Jake had big idea's for improvements to the log business. Jake set his eyes on a hydraulic wood processing bench and tipping trailers/ pick up trucks to make the delivering of logs more time efficient after many years delivering the logs by hand. 

Jake met his long term partner Chloe and she moved into the family home and became involved in all things logs. By this time Jake had now decided a new wood processor was needed with less manual labour needed and more hydraulic's to make the job safer and more time efficient. 

In 2014 the family decided to name the business:

Baxter Logs. 

Sadly in 2016 Chris passed away and Arlene and Jake continued to run the family business. They made many changes to the collection service updating quantities available and introducing log nets, barrow bags, kindling, coal and smokeless fuel to name a few.  

After a sudden accident in 2018 Arlene passed away leaving the business to both sons. 

After two years in the business in 2020 Adam decided to go explore other career options whilst still helping out occasionally with log delivers when he can.



Jake is running the log business with help from his partner Chloe. 

Watch this space. 


Baxter Logs

Glenview, Harrogate Road, 

Huby, Leeds, LS17 0AQ

United Kingdom

01423 734 796


Opening Times:


Appointment ONLY


 7 days a week

(Existing Customers)

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