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If you still have a question or would like to speak to someone over the phone please call us on 01423 734796 or alternatively email us at

How should I start a fire ?

There are numerous methods to start a fire and they will all work differently depending on your stove and the location/amount of air vents it has. 


The most traditional method to start a fire is to get one to two firelighters or some crinkled newspaper and place this in the Centre of the stove. Then get a good handful of kindling and make a tepee like structure. Get two smaller logs and prop these over the kindling tepee. Make sure all the air vents in the stove are open. Finally Light the newspaper with a match. 

Top Down method:

The top down method is the same as above in reverse order. The benefit of this method we have found is that you can stat the fire with very chunky logs rather than having to find the smaller ones in  the stack. 

First place One or two logs in the center of the stove. Get a handful of kindling and place them directly on top of the logs. Finally place one to two firelighters on top of the kindling and light them. 

What size are the logs?

Our Standard logs are cut to 9/10 inches long.

We also have smaller option at 8 inches Max (£5 extra than standard) and a longer option at 20 inches (Same as standard) both seasoned and available in cubic meter loads however, there is limited stock once its gone its gone. 







How long will our logs last?

This depends entirely on the size of your stove/open fire, the desired heat and the frequency of use, however we can vouch that all our logs are fully seasoned hardwood and therefore will provide a greater heat output.

Are Baxter logs ready to be burnt?

Yes, all our logs are are seasoned for 12-18 months and have a moisture content below 20%.

We are also certified by the HETAS woodsure ready to burn scheme. 

Should you burn hardwood or softwood?

Burning seasoned hardwood has many benefits over softwoods. Firstly Hardwood burns longer and hotter than softwood due to hardwoods having a tighter grain. Secondly seasoned hardwood does not spit, so it is better suited for open fires.

What type of woods do we use?

We use a mixture of the hardwoods, such as Beech, Ash, Oak, Silver Birch and Sycamore.

Is the wood sourced from the UK?

Yes, all our wood is sourced from within the UK and mostly from Yorkshire.

Support our economy and buy British !

What is the moisture content of your logs?

All our hardwood logs are air dried to a moisture content below 20%.

What does a cubic metre weigh?

Log suppliers in the UK are not permitted to sell logs based on weight due to the inconsistencies it would create with different hardwood species varying in weight due to the tightness of there grain.

Due to the nature of real wood fuels they also contain some moisture therefore a load at 10-15% would weigh less that a load 18-20% making it an unreliable measure.

Logs and firewood are usually sold by volume.

All packaging volumes used by Baxter logs are listed on the products description.

Beware if other sellers are offering logs by weight - you could end up paying for a lot of water!

So What is a cubic metre ?

We use Cubic metre ventilated bags to season, store and transport the logs.

Our cubic metre bags measure  1.05 x 0.96 x 1.00 = 1m3

Please note the logs are sold loose see next Q&A. 

A cubic metre is approximately equivalent to two builders dumpy bags. 

see picture below on the left is a cubic metre bag and on the right is a builders bag. 








How will your logs be delivered?

Our loads are delivered loose tipped out of a cubic metre bag in either a  pick-up truck or attached trailer as seen below.

The logs can be tipped as near to your store/ desired location as our vehicle/trailer can get.

If you would like us to also move your logs to your store or stack them we can do this for an additional charge.

If you require us to move or stack your logs, please inform us when you place your order.

Barrow Bags will be delivered in their bags on Tuesday mornings anytime between 8am-12noon. 



Why do you deliver the cubic metre loose ?

We deliver the logs loose as we believe that this is best practice to reduce the impact of plastic waste for the environment. We re-use the ventilated log bags up to 10 times. 

How long after ordering my logs will they be delivered?

We will always try to deliver your logs when you would like them to be delivered.

Most deliveries will be within one to five days, we are open seven days a week for deliveries.

During busy periods it can take us slightly longer to deliver.

We will always contact you prior to your delivery to arrange a time and date. We will never arrive without first agreeing a delivery time.

When should I order my next load of logs?

The best time to order your logs in the summer months. The weather is hopefully warm and sunny and we find it is often more pleasant to stack wood in sun than it is to stack wood in snow or rain when you cant feel your fingers or toes. Although sitting by the fire to warm up after stacking in winter is a brilliant reward for your efforts. 

To be sure that you will receive your logs at a time of your convenience call us at least one to two weeks before you are likely to run out.  However, we are aware that we can all leave things to the last minute so we will do our best to get your logs delivered before you run out.

How many loads of logs will I need to order?

This is dependent on the size of your stove or fire and how many logs you burn. Most of our customers order one to two cubic meters per year.  

How should I store my firewood?

We do recommend that your store your logs in a log store either inside or outside.

Whether it be one we have made for you or one you have purchased elsewhere.

The ideal log store has three sides and a weatherproof roof with air gaps in the floor and sides to aid ventilation. 

If you do not have a log store an ideal place is where they will be sheltered from the weather and where there is good ventilation .

Upon delivery we would be more than happy to have a quick look and make a suggestion of the best place. 

Does the price include delivery?

 We offer Free delivery for cubic meter loads up to 10 miles radius please see the delivery page for more information on delivery areas. 

Do you deliver Saturdays?

We deliver 6 days a week, Saturday being one of our busiest days.

Can I specify a delivery time?

We always do our best to deliver your logs when it is best for you . We recommend that you order your logs when you have at least a 1-2 week supply left to ensure we can deliver before you run out on a date & time convenient for you.  

Do you deliver to my Address?

We deliver to Harrogate, Leeds and surrounding areas for more information on delivery go to our delivery page.

Do I have to be home when the delivery is made?

If you have pre-paid for your logs through the website or via a BACs payment and informed us of a delivery location on your property then we are happy to deliver if you are not at home.

However if it is your first order given the logs are delivered loose we do prefer that the customer be present to prevent the logs being tipped in the wrong place. 

What happens if my seasoned logs get rained on?

In the seasoning process your logs are dried from the inside out. So a little rain on the outside of your logs will make virtually no difference to the moisture content of the logs. If your logs are continually exposed or immersed in water your logs moisture content will increase. Seasoned logs should always be stored where they are sheltered and in a well ventilated area. A log store is ideal for this purpose.

How long does it take to air dry unseasoned logs?

On average unseasoned logs will take 6-18 months for them to be classed as seasoned logs. The key to seasoning wet logs is to season them in a sheltered and well ventilated storage facility. Wet logs will not dry out in contained and poor ventilated spaces such as garages or cellars. A logs store in the garden is the ideal place to season logs.

What happens if I burn unseasoned logs?

Unseasoned logs do not burn to a sufficient temperature in order to burn the sap within the log due to their higher moisture content. As the sap within the log is not burned it can build up on the inside of your appliance and chimney as a tar condensate.

How often should I have my chimney swept?

Chimney sweepers recommend that those with wood burning or solid fuel stoves should have their chimneys swept at least once a year or every 60 fires to extend the life of your chimney liner. Please contact your chimney sweep for advice on your specific stove. 

Do you deliver all year?

Yes, we are open all year round.

What if I am outside your delivery area?

We do currently deliver to several places outside our delivery radius please see out delivery page for more information, alternatively call us. You may have to wait longer for your delivery and we do charge extra.

Can I collect my logs instead of having them delivered?

In Short no we do not offer collection services. 

We will be replacing the collection service by offering delivery of the Barrow bags of logs instead.

As The logs are being delivered in their bags they will be protected from the weather so customers will not need to be present for their barrow bag deliveries, Although payment will be required upfront in this scenario.  

We do however ask that you return them to us on our next delivery to reduce the impact of plastic waste in the world as we can reuse them. 

Cubic metre of firewood compared to a builders dumpy bag of logs
Firewood Log sizes offered for sale at baxter logs.
Loose Cubic Metre Firewood delivery with a toyota hilux pick up truck
Baxter logs firewood four cubic metre delivery
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