Cubic Meter
  • Free delivery within 10 miles. Please see DELIVERY PAGE for map with the delivery radius and list of delivery areas.


    All our logs have been seasoned for 12-18 months giving them a moisture content below 20% and accredited by Woodsure ready to burn scheme.

    You will receive a mixture of the following hardwoods:  beech, ash, oak, silver birch and sycamore.

    We will never just turn up with your logs without prior arranging a time and a date via either a phone call or email.


    Our cubic metre load of logs measure 1.05x 0.96 x 1.00 = 1m3 

    Your logs will be delivered as a LOOSE load (not in a log bag) the logs are only in the cubic metre bags for storge and transport purposes.


    Once we have reversed the trailer/ pick up truck as near as possible to the desired location the trailer tips up, with the log bags being chained in, the logs then fall out into a pile at the foot of the trailer ready for you to move and stack.  

    (Most customers have a tarpaulin they leave out for the logs to be tipped onto)


    One of the main reasons we deliver the logs loosely is to reduce the plastic waste from our business as we re-use the log bags up to 10 times.

    If you are going to stack your logs in a shed or log store then you may find a loose load delivered to be more suitable and more cost effective.

    Additionally logs delivered in non-ventilated dumpy bags are prone to sweat, increase in moisture content and become mouldy.


    In 2020 we introduced a £5 off per extra load ordered multi-buy discount for our customers who order larger quantities.

    To get the multi-buy discount the logs must be delivered to a single delivery address on the same delivery time slot.

    1 x Load £130

    2 x Loads £255

    3x Loads £380

    4 x Loads £505


    Our standard logs are cut at 10inches which is the size we find fits most stoves and not too small that you are having to keep filling your stove.

    We do offer small 8inch and larger 20inch logs however there is a very limited stock of these that have been seasoned once gone they are gone. 


    All of our wood is locally sourced in the UK, with the majority being sorced in the north within Yorkshire.

    Cubic Meter

    PriceFrom £130.00