Ecoal 50 smokeless fuel
  • Ecoal®50 Smokeless Fuel – 20kg Pre-packed Bag


    Delivery (Minimum order £50 COAL ONLY -unless ordered alongside load of logs)


    Ecoal50 is a smokeless fuel produced from 50% renewable materials.


    It is an ideal smokeless coal for multi-fuel stoves and open fires. Ecoal®50 Burns up to 38% hotter and 40% Longer than House Coal.

    Ecoal®50 Produces up to 80% less smoke and 40% less CO2 and is therefore approved for use in smoke control zones.

    Due to its high and sustained heat output, Ecoal50 works out cheaper than house coal over time. HETAS Approved Smokeless Fuel.


    Approved by Coal MerchantsMade in the UK

    Ecoal 50 smokeless fuel

    • Minimum order for delivery £50 - unless ordered alongside cubic metre load of logs.

    • Saturdays by Appointment only