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Sacks/Bale of sawdust

Sacks/Bale of sawdust

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We are now offering for sale the products produced through the processing of the firewood.

The products are likely to come in and out of stock depending on their popularity as they are only available when we have back stocks or we are processing the logs (Spring/Summer).  


The sawdust that is produced when the processors circular saw blade cuts each full tree length into sections ready for the cutting knife. The sawdust produced is good for animal bedding, we have used the sawdust for the horses bedding for years. 


The reason we are selling the items in Sack bags is for ease of storage and to make the product movable for both its Delivery and for customers. The bags are reusable and we hope better for the environment than single use plastics that end up in landfill.  


We can supply the sawdust in larger builders dumpy bags or cubic metre bags if the  customer has the machinery at delivery address to lift the bags off pickup/trailer. 


(MINIMUM £50 delivery will apply to the new products and we will remain a delivery only service) (NO COLLECTIONS)


  • More Info:

    • PLEASE NOTE: Up to 1-10 days for delivery 
    • Price Includes 20% Vat
    • FREE delivery over £50 within 10 miles (See DELIVERY PAGE)

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