Log Burner Starter Pack
  • This item is perfect for those who have just purchased Wood stove or open fire OR for anyone who needs all the products and is wanting to take advantage of the great price.


    This starter pack provides you with the items needed to get your fire goingand keep your wood dry through frosty winter days.


    The starter package includes:

    Three Bags of Twizzlers firelighters RRP £7.50

    Three nets of kindling RRP £10

    A Cubic metre load of logs RRP £130.

    A Standard Log Store RRP £195


    Discounted price: £315


    All our logs are air seasoned for roughly 18 months, to create the best quality hardwood firewood ready for buring under a moisture content of 20%.

    The standard log store is made to hold one of our cubic metre loads of logs.


    The standard Log store measures: Width: 171cmDepth: 57cmHeight: 133cm.

    The roof on the log shed overhangs by 18cm at the front and 5cm at the sides and back to make sure your logs are protected from wet weather.


    Hand Made from FSC sourced and treated timber.

    Log Burner Starter Pack